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Editorial Procedures

Freedom Publishers Union is committed to maintaining strict editorial and publishing standards, and will always ensure our processes remain transparent.

We rely on our sources for the purposes of research, data gathering, details comparison and fact checking, while promoting source diversity.

We use all of the information we pull from our sources to create a premise for our own publications, ensuring truth and accuracy remain top priority.

If a specific source is not listed it does not mean that we consider the information to be false or misleading.

It means that we take additional steps to cross-check the information to ensure truth and accuracy.

  • [1] Trusted
  • [2] Always reliable
  • [3] Usually reliable
  • [4] Requires fact checking
  • [DS] Document/Statistics source
  • [P] State-sponsored propaganda

(In alphabetical order)

  • AAP [1]
  • ABC News (AU) [2]
  • ABC News (USA) [4]
  • AFP [1]
  • Airwars [DS]
  • Al Jazeera [2]
  • Antiwar [DS]
  • Associated Press [3]
  • BBC News [2]
  • Bloomberg [3]
  • CBS News [4]
  • China Daily [P]
  • CNBC [3]
  • CNN [4]
  • Cryptome [DS]
  • Deutsch Well [2]
  • Financial Review [2]
  • Financial Times [4]
  • Fox News [4]
  • Global Times [P]
  • MarketWatch [3]
  • MSNBC [4]
  • Politico [3]
  • Reuters [1]
  • RT [P]
  • Sky News Australia [2]
  • Sputnik [P]
  • Der Spiegel [3]
  • The Australian [2]
  • The Conversation [1]
  • The Economist [3]
  • The Epoch Times [4]
  • The Guardian [4]
  • The Hill [4]
  • The Intercept [4]
  • The Japan Times [1]
  • The LA Times [3]
  • The New York Times [3]
  • The Sydney Morning Herald [3]
  • The Wall Street Journal [2]
  • The Washington Post [4]
  • TRT World [3]
  • Wikileaks [DS]
  • Xinhua [P]

We rely on our careful selection of sources as our prime basis, as many of them are among the few outlets that still employ their own reporters, so their stories aren't going to be 'rip-and-read' from a wire service or web aggregate service that simply drops the breaking headlines.

These sources are almost always guaranteed to report with an 'eye-witness' point of view, not some third-party being re-quoted repeatedly.

Because of their private news teams, they tend to each pick up something different about a story - slightly different details and perspective.

Furthermore, because they aren't in 'first to print' mode full-time, they tend to publish detailed follow-up stories within 48 hours that more thoroughly sort the facts and clarify verified information from rumors.

If all sources are reporting the same core facts then it is most probable to be true, or at least perceived to be true.

We use internal editorial categorization techniques to identify liberal and conservative bias indicators for sources, to determine if these publications echo the same core facts as our master sources.

Then we can make an assessment to conclude that everyone saw the same thing.

We then look for the starkest differences between the baseline, liberal and conservative sources, and are what we call bias indicators.

Sometimes we use or adapt information from sources or individuals not formally associated with any of the sources listed, calling these outside sources.

When we use outside sources we take the information and attempt to support it with information from our master sources.

The entire process is not strict as we must allow for flexibility.

We are confident at the time of going to press all information that we publish remains accurate to the best of our abilities and our editorial procedures permit.

Freedom Publishers Union is always open to challenge and scrutiny from our readers.

If you believe we have published inaccurate or defamatory information we recommend that you contact us so we can rectify any issues we determine to be legitimate.

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