2012 - I had a vision.

Unexplained forces had shown me a destination - one only I could understand how to reach.

I was instilled with the responsibility to shine a light on the rested darkness.

For almost a decade I have tirelessly watched over Freedom Publishers
Union; filtering ideas, learning what works and discarding the failed.

The destination I had been shown was one that
could not be created - only to be reached by evolving.

Part of that evolution has been placing an
incredible, unmatched emphasis on the truth.

It is only through the acceptance of the truth can one begin to
understand how fake news has poisoned minds among society and distorted reality.

To reach the destination one must travel the
journey - a journey traveled in phases - a journey of
not embracing hatred and vengeance, but peace and unity.

It is difficult to know when one phase ends and the next phase begins - the only
certainty being patience and tolerance being necessary to reach the destination.

The energy from - and placing your trust in - the forces of
existential placement will guide you, without intervention.

The time is now - a new phase has begun.

Freedom Publishers Union is becoming an entity of its own - existing in
almost a complete virtual presence where the avatars of systems operations
take charge, ultimately bridging the gap between the perception we believe
to be reality and the perception we believe to be alternate reality.

Shining a light on the darkness - the truth - will guide you to understanding
this unrealized perspective is the true reality which has existed the entire time.

-- The Seed of All --